Birds of Prey

May 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I went to the Castle Cameras Spring show today and enjoyed a relaxing few hours wandering among all the kit on show and chatting, but fortunately spending no money!


Regal Raptors with there with a good selection of birds of prey.  I love these birds and the chap in charge of them was a real, larger than life character who was obviously very passionate about each and every one of them.  He was very relaxed about us having access to photograph the birds.


As well as a few of the "normal" type of bird of prey images with nice crops and defocused backgrounds I wanted to try something different and due to the great relationship between the handler and the birds, I decided that including him in the images was a good way to come away with some  more unusual and meaningful images.  I may be wrong, but pretty much everyone else seemed to be using longer lenses to shoot just the birds.  A couple of visitors also handled the birds and so I wanted to capture their joy and excitement upon doing so.  There were also a few moments with birds looking a bit bored or looking at photographers taking photos of them or other birds, which was slightly amusing.


I had with me a Nikon D800 plus the Carl Zeiss 135 f2 APO Sonnar lens and the classic Nikkor 50mm f1.2 AiS lens.  As is my usual style I used large to fairly large apertures and selective focus.


Here are a few of the images I came away with. 

20140520-_DSC373520140520-_DSC3735 20140520-_DSC375420140520-_DSC3754 20140520-_DSC381720140520-_DSC3817 20140520-_DSC382620140520-_DSC3826 20140520-_DSC402320140520-_DSC4023 20140520-_DSC405720140520-_DSC4057 20140520-_DSC406120140520-_DSC4061

20140520-_DSC398720140520-_DSC3987 20140520-_DSC388520140520-_DSC3885







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