Fuji Cashback

May 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was relieved and delighted to get my Fuji cash back today.


If you bought any 2 of the selected XF lenses earlier this year (most in the range) then you could claim £300 cash back.


I decided to take advantage and chose the 60mm macro as I wanted a close-up capability with this light and travel-friendly system.  The little 27mm f2.8 pancake appealed too as it has been technically reviewed as being optically great and the form factor of a lens that makes the X-E series similar to the X100s in size is very appealing.  As this lens was only a little over £300 it was effectively almost free in the promotion.  There are not many bargains in rip-off Britain and its depressing to hear from my brother how cheap kit is in Hong Kong compared to what we pay here, but this was a nice reversal of our normal fortunes.


Here is the 27mm.  Its absolutely razor sharp, even wide open and colours and contrast are lovely.  Bokeh is not as sophisticated as the wide aperture primes in some shots, but some isolation can be achieved and its fab for what it is, plus its soooo small!


Here are 2 images from this lens





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