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Being a bit behind the times I got my first ever smartphone in October 2014 and made it an iPhone 6 to better integrate with my computer and other kit. Its proving to be a great tool for photography as I use the Fuji app to control my X-system cameras by wireless, the Triggertrap app to control them tethered and have a number of other useful apps.  These include an exposure meter, The Photographer's Ephemeris (for sun/moon times) and Stellarium (for watching and planning night sky shoots).



The idea of a tiny sensor camera with a tiny, fixed aperture lens seemed a good idea as a back up but didn't excite me a great deal, especially as I always have a "proper" camera with me.  I have a few photography camera apps such as Hipstamatic, Polamatic etc and these do make it a whole lot more fun, for me at least.  Some photographers have really embraced the iPhone and shoot fantastic images with it, using its attributes and limitations in clever ways.  I doubt I will ever be one of those, but I want to get used to the idea of always having a pocket snapper with me and above all have fun with it.


I have tried to make myself use it more as a camera and to be honest am finding it good fun.  The camera is actually good enough to replace a basic point and shoot camera, which I suppose is why that market is rapidly dying.  I must admit to really enjoying the Hipstamatic app as it enables one to select from a variety of lens and film simulations that replicate some analogue types of photography.  I like the square format this app imposes and the slight uncertainty of how a shot will come out.


One of the joys of the iPhone is that it imposes similar limitations on the user to shooting with a fixed prime lens, but with almost limitless depth of field.  While most people just shoot happy snaps, a photographer can enjoy the challenge of trying to make decent compositions while having a bit of fun with the apps.  In some ways not having to consider focus/depth of field for most compositions can be rather liberating and relaxing, despite the limitations it imposes on selective use of sharpness and blur in an image.


While I am not exactly the world's biggest fan of the sort of self portraits that clutter all the social sites these days it is actually nice for me to use the phone to take the odd snap of myself, as I virtually never get any photos of me any other way!


A few recent snaps



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