Norway Cruise July 2015

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I am fortunate enough to have recently returned from a fantastic 7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise aboard the P&O Azura.


We had the expected changeable weather, the boat, the food and service were fantastic.  All 4 ports of call were really interesting...Stavanger, Skjolden, Gerainger and Bergen.  The scenery going into Skjolden and Gerainger in particular was awesome and truly world class.  The mountains and cliffs towered over the huge ship and waterfalls cascaded off into the fjords almost everywhere I looked.


As for my travel camera kit, well I packed the Fuji X System of course.  To be precise I took the X-T1 with 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 56mm primes and 18-55 zoom, plus the X100T.  On a daily basis I carried both bodies in my Ona Bowery shoulder bag.


The sometimes gloomy conditions in overcast weather and/or late at night when it was still twilight at midnight begged for black and white images, so I shot a fair proportion as mono jpegs using the yellow filter simulation.


In some places the greens of the fjord walls really popped and looked nice in colour, especially Pro-Negative High film simulation.


The ship itself was spectacular with a particularly amazing view to be had along each side from the deck 19 sundeck near the stern.  The expansive views worked really well with wide angle lenses so the samyang 8mm and 12mm were invaluable here.


Here are a few images.  All were shot as jpeg files in-camera using my 7 custom settings, each of which uses one of the available film simulations.

20150706-_DSF698520150706-_DSF6985 20150706-_DSF701520150706-_DSF7015 20150707-_DSF703220150707-_DSF7032 Azura berthed at Skjolden ​ 20150707-_DSF706820150707-_DSF7068

Dramatic rapids in Skjolden village

20150707-_DSF713820150707-_DSF7138 The awesome Sogne-Fjord, longest and deepest in Norway.  The prop trails and wake wash were really glowing and I wondered if there was some bioluminescence in the water. 20150707-_DSF724220150707-_DSF7242 20150707-_DSF724520150707-_DSF7245

The very Beautiful Geraingerfjord 20150708-_DSF732020150708-_DSF7320 20150708-_DSF733120150708-_DSF7331 20150708-_DSF741120150708-_DSF7411 20150708-_DSF743420150708-_DSF7434 20150708-_DSF747420150708-_DSF7474

The following 2 portraits of Theo were shot using a favoured technique with the X100T.  I underexposed ambient light by 1 stop and fired some fill flash in, which was also dialled down about 1 stop.  The second image flash synched at 1/950th second due to the leaf shutter.

20150709-_DSF433220150709-_DSF4332 20150710-_DSF438920150710-_DSF4389 And here is one of me with the boy in our glad rags for black tie night.



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