ATRAX PHOTO by Clifton Beard | About

Photography has been a source of joy and an ongoing challenge over many years and I am one of those people who ALWAYS has a camera with me!  After being asked to shoot some christenings for friends a few years ago, I found a niche in wedding and similar photography, which ran purely upon recommendation. I have developed this into a small business and can offer a professional and personal service at a very fair price.  I believe that photography is one thing where business and pleasure most certainly can overlap!


I use two main camera systems, one being full frame Nikon and the other being the Fuji X-system, which is one of the new breed of more compact system cameras that enable a discreet and dynamic approach to shooting as events unfold.  More and more I am finding my shooting style making me pick up the Fuji cameras. 


Much of the time I will be shooting in a documentary style, so will almost disappear into the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, shooting real-life images as things happen, making the best use of the compact, discreet Fuji system and natural light.  Where lighting needs some help I may add bounce flash or off-camera flash to the ambient light, because respecting ambient lighting makes for much more appealing images.  For examples and more information please visit the WEDDING gallery.


I shoot a lot of family, landscape, airshow, sport, travel and macro images.  I am pleased to have held an exhibition and to have supplied images to magazines such as Dorset Life and Sport Diver, various organisations and to private individuals.  Some of the more unusual ones were for publicity material for a penguin exhibit and a public information leaflet for fly pests in Canada!


I particularly love using fast aperture lenses for the immense control over depth of field and selective focus they offer and am also a fan of dramatic lighting.


Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to get things right in-camera rather than shoot and "fix" later in software. While I have a very effective workflow and will make your images look great, I will not be replacing skies or cutting and pasting uncle Fred between images! I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC and the Nik software suite.


I am the type of person who is never fully satisfied with what I produce, which translates into a wish for constant improvement.  I  believe that photography is a lifelong learning journey only limited by the length of your life!


I find that it helps me to consider that painting is the art of creating something on a blank canvas, while photography is the art of creating something meaningful from the cluttered canvas of reality!  I also think that colour images capture what something looked like but mono images capture what it felt like!


What else do I do?  Well I am Dad to Theo, hold a Second Dan black belt in Tae Kwon-Do, love camping, travel, snow skiing.  I do some insurance investigation work, road safety talks, driver training and am a school governor.  In my previous life I was a police officer for 30 years and spent the last 10 years there as a forensic collision investigator. I have therefore spent a lifetime working with people of all types and bring a great deal of integrity and fairness into anything I do.