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Armond in NJ(non-registered)
I hail from the Neanderthal era (Konica film cameras, late 60's, 17 prime lenses, etc.). At one time I had all my film and processing for free from a friend who was a professional finisher (we traded favors of various sorts with respect to his business).

Those days are gone and my gear sat in the closet while I messed with a few small digital cameras for blogs, vacations, record shots and the like. A few days ago I opted for the Fuji X-T1 on a lark, stumbled around various sites to get a feel on things, and eventually found this site.

You guys are getting me going, and that's saying something for a 72 year old photo amateur. Thanks much.
Chrissy Loader(non-registered)
Amazing Cliff! Very impressive.
Marcus Beard
The new site is looking really very good - congratulations. It showcases your variety and quality of shots very well. Look forward to seeing the content expanding over the next months and years!
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