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Landscape is one of those photographic disciplines that is a fine excuse for being out and about and therefore I love it.

It would be nice to have more time to get up before dawn and get to the right locations, but most of us don't have that freedom of operation and its very frustrating to see the perfect sunrise as you drive to work! I do make the effort when I can and have plenty of frozen fingers to prove it!

I shoot many conventional landscape images with wide angle lenses, including my Nikon 14-24mm f2.8, Tokina 12-24mm f4 (DX format only) and Carl Zeiss 21 f2.8 and 25 f2 lenses. The Nikon D800 camera has been a revelation for the detail it offers and how it improves shot discipline!

However I am not a fan of shooting everything with wide angle and maximum depth of is really interesting to use 85mm and 100mm lenses to crop into the landscape and to use wide aperture settings to give a very dramatic look, with selective sharp focus and blur. Almost all lenses in my collection have been used for landscape at some point!

Most images are conventional exposures, but I do sometimes use Lee or Cokin filters or bracket exposures and combine them in HDR (high dynamic range) software to control extremes of contrast. My HDR images tend to look quite natural rather than somewhat cartoon-like, as I simply use the process to gain more dynamic range.

What you see is what you get...I never add skies from other images or paste objects on different backgrounds. I may clone out a signpost or a dust spot, but that's it.
Horton Tower DSC_3026_edited-1Horton Tower 16112007 DSC_6302_edited-1Horton Tower 16112007 DSC_6303_edited-1Knowlton Church New Years Day 200820080727-_DSC289620080928-_DSC4984_2_320081231-_DSC0470DSC_1204_5_620091022-_DSC5021 Stourhead20091223-_DSC5222_3_4_5_620100407-_DSC5938_39_40_41_4220100407-_DSC613420081018-_DSC558120081209-DSC_7203 London Eye20090304-_DSC1713 Hengistbury Head20090304-_DSC1723_4_5_6_720100428-_DSC7314 Garston Wood Bluebells20100701-_DSC7891 Mottistone Isle of Wight20100918-_DSC0425_6_7_8_920101127-_DSC9965 Moors Valley Country Park

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