ATRAX PHOTO by Clifton Beard | Weddings

The most important thing!

I totally believe that the most important piece of advice a wedding photographer can give you is to choose a photographer whose images offer you the look and style you want.  It is a bit like music....AC-DC or Emeli Sande?  We all like different things that may be equally "good".  Genuine wedding photographers develop an individual style and method of working that enables them to operate technically and artistically in the way that works for them.  Without a doubt, a happy and comfortable wedding photographer will produce the best work for you!  For that reason I always recommend that you look at my style of images to see if they work for you and then have an informal chat with me.  I will be totally honest with you and will never be offended or disheartened if you look elsewhere....I will just be happy you made the right choice for you! 

My style of wedding photography is to tell the story of the day through a variety of reportage and some more formal images, should you want these. I am totally committed to working flat out for you on your special day.  I will arrive early to make sure everything is ready and I never switch off at any time, as those important and memorable moments can be fleeting.

I have invested heavily in high quality camera bodies, lenses and flash that work for how I prefer to shoot, blending in with the day and capturing those real moments as they happen. High grade digital cameras are an essential tool owing to excellent performance in low light, high dynamic range (capturing each scene from shadows to highlights) & great colours.  I favour high quality, wide aperture, prime lenses for the best image quality, selective focus and low light performance they offer.  

If the ambient light is good, I will use and embrace it. If not, or it needs some help, out comes the flash!

My favoured technique with flash is to set the basic exposure just below that of the ambient light, then add flash carefully to lift shadows and improve skin tones. I have the very capable and powerful Profoto B1 flash system for on-location work.

Things have moved on and so have your expectations in terms of the rights you have to the images....I firmly believe you should be supplied with the images for unlimited non-commercial use, which means you can order any number of prints, share images with family/friends, keep them on your phone, iPod or digital photo frame; whatever you wish. 

I can work with a second-shooter as this adds extra coverage and variety, although of course I have to charge a bit extra for this.

For your reassurance I carry public liability and indemnity insurance.

I am self-employed and fit work around my life, so I can usually help out if you have been let down or need a wedding photographer at short notice.  Don't panic and give me a call.  I could be ready in a few hours or less if need be!

I offer the following full package for £1000:

-Meeting and discussion of your requirements

-Venue familiarisation to assess shooting opportunities & meet staff managing the event

-A pre-wedding session to shoot some informal images if you wish

-Photographic coverage from the start of your wedding day into the evening, the first dance and beyond.

-Edit and process a large selection of the images in colour and mono.

-Create a high quality A4 size Photobook in portrait or landscape format from selected images.  These are lovely books that use a soft touch, hard cover and high quality genuine photo paper.  I can order extra books at cost price if you want any for family or friends.

-Supply USB flash drive in personalised wooden presentation box containing:

1) maximum quality, large size Jpeg image files suitable for large prints
2) low resolution copies of the images for instant sharing on the web and for devices such as ipods or phones
3) Slideshow in movie and PDF formats

Of course I understand everyone is different and the above is of course flexible.  For example, if you only want part of the day covering, I will do this for a proportionally reduced fee.  I am able to supply framed, high quality prints from my Epson 3880 printer, or create a larger format photobook (e.g. A3) for an incremental charge.

Please see my contact page if you wish to email or call me for some honest, informal and friendly advice.